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Afia Pure Sunflower Oil 1.5Lt x 6

28 $
Ideal for all your cooking, baking, and frying needs@@Enriched with vitamins A and D for a healthy diet@@Perfect for making

Amul Ghee ጠስሚ 1litre x 12

132 $
About this item Amul Ghee is made from fresh cream and it has typical rich aroma and granular texture Amul

Aseel Pure Ghee ጠስሚ 1.6 Liter x 6

109 $
Best suited for deep frying.@@This vegetable oil has a light taste, so it lets the flavor of your food shine

Coconut Oil 2Ltr

Made with the finest hand-picked & naturally dried coconuts@@Unique tamper proof seal- the seal of trust@@Long lasting freshness & nutty

Extra Virgin Olive Oil blended with Refined Oils 2 Lt x 6

59 $
Riya Gold Olive Oil a perfect blend of refined oils and extra virgin olive oil for your daily dietary needs.@@Riya

Noor Canola Oil 1.5 Liter x 6

32 $
With this oil you have a much healthier composition than any other kind of cooking oil@@With this oil you have

Pure Ghee ጠስሚ 1Lt X 12

144 $
Contains no artificial flavours or colours.@@Processed from pure milk.

Pure Mustard Cooking Oil ዘይቲ ኣድሪ 200 ml x 24

29 $
Made from quality mustard seeds@@Enhances the texture of any meal and also makes them irresistibly aromatic@@Acts as a digestive aid

RKG Classic Pure Cow Ghee ጠስሚ 5 Liter

69 $
No artificial flavours. No preservatives@@Perfect for home-cooked family meals@@Rich flavour and traditional aroma

Sesame Oil ዘይቲ ስምስም 1 Liter x 12

88 $
Gingelly oil is commonly which has various uses in kitchen. This is one such oil used for Pooja and temples.@@Contains