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Basmati Rice 35kg

66 $
Spike steamed white rice helps boost your intake of zinc, an essential mineral.@@Hundreds of proteins in your body including proteins

Ethiopia Limu Coffee Green Beans 1kg

20 $
Green coffee beans. 100% Arabica beans from Ethiopia. Process: Washed. Cup Profile: Light body, pleasant acidity, sweet long finish. Tasting

Pasta Corni 400g x 20

10 $
Hat Pasta Corni@@Dry pasta ready to cook with vegetables or meat

Pasta Penne 400g x 20

10 $
Hat Penne Pasta@@20 pcs per carton@@Penne Macaroni

Sugar 10 kg

15 $
Finely granulated and safely refined.@@Hygienically packed and stored to ensure safety.@@Can be added to juices or fruit salads.@@Suitable for sweetening

Sugar 50 kg

46 $
A high-quality, finely granulated sugar that is perfect for all your baking and cooking needs. @@Made from premium quality sugar

Sugar 50 Kg

54 $
Premium quality product@@Derived from the finest sugarcanes, this sugar variety adds richness to your sweet beverages and desserts@@Hygienically packed

White Flour 50 Kg

41 $
Does not contain any artificial additives, Used as a thickening agent for gravies, sauces and stews@@Can be used as a

White Flour 50kg

40 $
This flour is lovingly made with grains sourced from the finest high quality material.@@Providing a fresh and natural form of