What is Erivista and how does it work?

    Erivista is an e-commerce platform, similar to Amazon, that exclusively delivers to Eritrea. Most shipments are sent from Dubai to Asmara, so regardless of where you reside, you can purchase high-quality products from our online store, and we will ship your package by sea or air to Eritrea. The customs in Eritrea will then contact the recipient for any additional customs fees.

    Why should I send grocery items from Erivista rather than sending it from where I live (e.g., USA, Europe, Canada, etc.)?

    Erivista, located in Dubai, offers three main advantages: faster shipment times due to its proximity to Eritrea, lower product prices resulting from lower tax rates, and a carefully curated selection of products based on quality and demand, providing new ideas on trending and high-demand items.

    Is the delivery only to Eritrea or can I send to other countries as well?

    Currently, Erivista only delivers to Eritrea, but buyers can be located anywhere around the world. The shipment will be sent to their families and friends in Eritrea.

    How long does it take for the package to reach its destination?

    Shipment by sea cargo can take between 40-50 days to reach Massawa. Afterward, the customs and duties process in Eritrea can take between 7-30 days, plus additional time for clearance. Once cleared, family members will be contacted to collect their package.

    Can I send cargo (grocery) to other places other than Asmara, like Keren, Mendefera, Segeneyti?

    Yes, it is possible to send a cargo shipment to cities within Eritrea other than Asmara.

    What documents do I need to send a shipment?

    For most cargo shipments, you will need the 2% document, your Eritrean ID (Tasera), and your passport.