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Foul Plain Medammes Beans 450g x 24

14 $
Stock up your pantry with California Garden Canned Fava Beans 450g @@A healthy source of vitamins and fibre, essential for

Green Peas Can 400g x 24

12 $
Processed green peas which are high in fiber@@Ready to eat or add to dishes

Hamus Tahina chick peas 400g x 24

17 $
Chickpeas can be added to popular recipes such as hummus stews and fresh in salads.@@Ready to eat, it can be

Red Kidney Beans 400g x 24

15 $
Mahra Red kidney beans is a versatile and convenient ingredient for adding protein and fiber to your meals.@@The red kidney

Sardines In Natural Oil 155g x 50

41 $
555 Sardines In Natural Oil 155g is a popular brand of canned sardines. @@These sardines are packed in natural oil,

Sardines In Tomato Sauce 155g x 50

45 $
These sardines are canned in a delicious tomato sauce. Easy to open with its pull lid. Delicious with a salad

Solid Skipjack Tuna In Sunflower Oil 170g x 48

66 $
Our high-quality tuna is perfect for your lunch and dinner recipes such as tuna sandwiches or tuna pasta@@Ready to eat

Tuna Flakes In Oil – 155 gm x 24

28 $
The 555 tuna flakes in oil are ready to eat and offer a rich source of omega 3.@@It is an

Tuna Yellowfin Chunk In Sunflower Oil 185g x 48

41 $
Kawa ® Light Tuna is Yellowfin Tuna. It is creamy light, lighter in color than skipjack light tuna and has

Whole Sweet Corn Kernel 400g x 4

16 $
Plump whole kernels of crisp super sweet corn are picked and packed at the peak of freshness for the highest